Smart Wiring that's affordable for all of Perth

Our aim is to make Smart Wiring accessible and affordable to ALL Perth families.

Antennas designed for the Perth summers

Previously it was only those in the premium end of the property market who could afford this type of inclusion. Everyone should be able to enjoy the true benefits of super fast broadband, with the roll out of the NBN fast approaching you!

Smart Wiring packages have been tailored at bargain prices from just $699 – and are NBN ready.

But why do you need Smart Wiring?

Installing a Clipsal Star Serve™ hub with Cat6 data cabling in your home, will enable you to take advantage of:

  • Super fast Internet performance
  • Download purchased music in seconds and entire movies in minutes
  • Internet Protocol TV can be watched via an Internet browser
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol for phone calls (VOIP) now common with iinet phones
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously without slowing speeds
  • Crystal clear video conferencing
  • Flexibility to connect new technologies
  • Able to provide and divide: separate billing of up to 4 internet service providers via NBN.
  • Ideal for a uni-student share house wanting to pay for their own Internet usage in each room.

AFFORDABLE functionality and style.

We may be one of Perth's premium installation services, with a focus on quality and attention to detail. What you might not realise is we also beat the rest on price. In fact we challenge you to find a better deal on Smart Wiring in Perth. If you do, call us. We refuse to be beaten.

Great value packages make smart wiring affordable to everyone, starting from only $699- for the "Basic NBN Ready" package, incl. Cat6 data cabling to three rooms with a central hub. Our systems are designed so that a client can easily designate which outlets they wish to use for internet data, computer networking, or standard phone use. This is interchangeable at any time. You can even use new internet (VOIP) phones – increasingly popular now with iinet customers.

Our best seller is the "Essentials NBN" package suited perfectly to the 3-5 bed room sized home. Starting from $1599 incl. as standard cabling for Digital TV, Cat6 data, phone, and it comes with a neat enclosure cabinet for the hub.

Larger Families are catered for with our "Family NBN" package from $2599- and all packages are expandable, allowing for more data lines to be run in future. We can easily tailor other packages to suit small businesses, student share house accommodation, commercial office or enterprise.

Where will Smart Wiring take us next?

Just think. A few years ago we used 'floppy discs" to share information. We were amazed by the grey screens of the first Apple home computers, even though we didn"t really know what to use them for...

Development of new technology has been fast and life changing for all of us, and it will continue to evolve just as quickly. Things we can"t even imagine today will be real tomorrow. Already we have "media hubs" such as Apple TV™ which have the ability to download whole movies in just a few minutes. This will make DVDs and Blu-ray players a thing of the past. Digital movie files have perfect HD sound and vision without the inconvenience of disks that can be scratched, and they can be easily transported and shared once purchased. New "Cloud" file storage gives us the security and convenience. Go to a friend"s house and log onto your cloud device, and it is like you have the whole library of your movies there with you. Easy!

Video conference calls can be made from our Smart TV to people overseas, with crystal clarity and real-time link-up as if we were right in front of them. We can even view our home security cameras from our smart phone or tablet, while we are not there. These futuristic capabilities are now readily accessible and used every day by many Perth families. Why not join them?

What exactly is the NBN?

Introduction of the NBN, or National Broadband Network, promises super fast internet to be connected all Australians across the country. It is already being installed and some areas in Perth have been activated, from Mandurah to Ellenbrook. New land development areas (green-fields) are some of the lucky first customers to go online. The rest of the established areas in Perth (brown-fields) are to follow close behind and some such as Applecross are nearly complete.

The NBN will connect your neighbourhood to the Internet using highly efficient "fibre optic" cables, rather than the older copper cable system, owned by Telstra. Thus giving us speeds so fast they will seem quite literally instant, and transform the way we use the Net.

To take advantage of the fast speeds of the NBN, many devices will need a hard wired connection to the modem. WiFi connection is a popular alternative in many households, however it is not acceptable for superfast broadband use. WiFi slows down the speed, especially when using multiple devices all at once. Using WiFi alone severely limits the function of technology, defeating the purpose of having fast broadband.

The solution is simple, basic data cabling must be done between the modem and each device. This is why Pure Digital recommends Smart Wiring as a basic necessity in every new home. It is the essential step, to ensure your family, and future potential buyers of your home can access and enjoy the new emerging technologies.

So what exactly is "Smart Wiring"?

Smart Wiring is a network of cables in a home, from wall plates in various rooms, linked back to a neatly contained hub (usually in a garage or cupboard).

The most important part of a Smart Wire system, are the Cat6 data cables. These will be used to connect to the NBN (fibre optic signal converter box). Smart Wiring systems can also include cabling for other services such as Digital TV, or Foxtel and phone lines within the hub. Even audio-visual devices like a DVD or movie media drive can be ‘modulated" and then reticulated throughout your home via the Smart Wire HUB, and all existing TV outlets.

The most functional feature of our packages is the ability for a client to change the use of any Cat6 data outlet. When structured to a central hub, they can be switched to be used for internet data, phone lines, computer networking, or even HDMI quality AV distribution. So your home can evolve and grow with you and the needs of the family.

How will Smart Wiring add value to my home?

Smart Wiring is the ultimate finishing touch that gives awesome appeal to a potential buyer of a property. It will provide flexibility, and high functionality, and so it will become an invaluable asset when it is time to sell.

Smart Wiring enables devices to be used for entertainment, family use, internet shopping, school study, business, communication, creativity, music practice, conducting live video meetings or conference calls. Anything the internet provides. And who knows what else that will entail in future.

So whatever lifestyle or family size of a prospective buyer, your home will be much more attractive in the marketplace. Future proof your home now, with Pure Digital!