Phone and Data points

We'll fix you a new phone line, no worries!

How we can help:

  • We can install extra phone lines in your home office.
  • Fix any annoying 'static noise' on your current phone line
  • We can replace those chunky looking cream coloured phone plugs
  • Replace your old lines if you're renovating your house
  • Address phoneline related issues causing your internet to run slow

Often our clients tell us that they have had a technician out to see them, only to tell them that the phone fault lies somewhere within their home. We do more.

Proper training means that in most cases we can isolate and fix your phone faults when other technicians can't.

Price guide

Pricing can vary depending on the size and construction of your building, here is a price guide to help:

  • Standard Phone Line for single level home with existing phone lines $149
  • Data point for connection from one room to another room in single level home $189
  • Multiple data points from one source to various destinations are charged as individual data points – depending on the home these prices can vary and must be quoted on site.
  • Multiple data points from between the same source and destination are discounted and must be quoted on site.

What is a Data point or ‘Ethernet’ point?

A Data point is simply a hard wired data connection, run between the two devices in order to allow them to communicate. Normally this is done between an Internet Modem and Personal Computer.

Data points are usually run through your home using ‘Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet’ cable, via cavity walls and roof space a neat wall plate at each end. This is much more affordable than you might expect! You can have a high speed Ethernet data line installed from just $189- between two rooms in a standard single level home.

Other uses for data points

More often now there are other devices which require a data connection directly to a Modem, such as: SMART TVs, New Media Players such as Apple TV, Bluray players, and PVRs. Soon most visual devices will require internet connection. While this can be often done with a wireless connection, they work better, faster and more reliably with a hard wired data point.

Distribution devices

New technology is now available which enables AV devices (such as Bluray players and other devices) to be distributed to one or more rooms throughout the home via data lines. These very intelligent ‘Media Hub’ and ‘Matrix Switch’ devices convert HDMI signals into Cat6 cable which is run through the home. The benefit is this type of cable can also carry IR signals from remote controls back from other rooms to the device (eg: Bluray) being distributed.