Home Theatre Installations

We take the hassle and frustration out setting up your home theatre system.

  • Have you bought a new home theatre system and are not sure how to connect it?
  • Do you want to improve on the system you have, simplify and make it easier to operate?

It can seem complicated and take you hours or frustration because there are numerous ways to connect your components to an amplifier. There is always a simple, and more complex way to configure a system.

Our fully trained installers are ready to take all the head-scratching work out of setting up your home theatre system.

What we can do for your home theatre set up:

  • LED, LCD and Plasma TV systems, and all components connected and tuned
  • Projector systems installed
  • Revision of your current system to reconfigure and simplify
  • All types of Amplifiers/Receivers connected
  • Full surround speaker systems connected and ‘calibrated’ (tuned for optimum audio)
  • Advice on speaker positioning and wall mounting speakers
  • Top quality speaker wiring can be concealed
  • Speakers mounted in-wall, or in-ceiling for ultra-sleek style

Most importantly, once done we always provide you with a simple to read instruction sheet, with a list of inputs. We even offer a simple tutorial service on how to operate all of your devices with ease. We can show you how to use complex digital HDD recording devices, with timer recording. Our after care service means you are never on your own again. If you do get stuck we are only a phone call away.