Our Warranty

Our guarantee to you

  1. This warranty does not affect the consumer’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law. The benefits to the consumer under this Warranty are in addition to the rights and remedies of the buyer under the Australian Consumer Law, which confirms that:

    Installations, products and services sold by Pure Digital come with warranties that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to major failure.

  2. Subject to Clause 1. The seller warrants that all products supplied and installed, (with exclusion of electronic devices which are each covered by and subject to their own specific manufacturer’s Warranty), shall be free of manufacturing defects and will perform to the seller’s specifications, for the duration of the warranty period, subject to the following clauses.

  3. The benefit of this Warranty extends only to the original purchaser of installations, goods and services sold by Pure Digital to the purchaser.

  4. The warranty commences on the date of purchase of the installation, good, or service sold by Pure Digital, as shown on the date of invoice, and shall continue for the benefit of the purchaser for the Warranty period. If within the Warranty period a manufacturing defect is discovered in the product, or the product fails to perform to the Seller’s specifications as a result of some defect in material, or workmanship in the product, then the seller will at its own discretion:

    1. Repair or replace the product at the expense of the Seller, including but not limited to labour and travel costs. Goods repaired or replaced under this warranty shall be Warranted for the remaining period of this Warranty.
    2. Refund the purchase price paid by the Consumer.
  5. The Warranty does not apply to product that has:
    1. failed due to tampering by the buyer.
    2. failed due to excessive wear and tear beyond what is considered to be reasonable.
    3. been installed, repaired or maintained by any person other than a representative of Pure Digital.
    4. been misused, neglected or damaged by pets or animals.
    5. been damaged accidentally, or by acts of God such as lightning, fire, flooding, hail, severe storm winds.
    6. been used or operated contrary to operating or maintenance instructions, or instructions given by Pure Digital.
    7. been damaged due to faulty or incorrect wiring, incorrect power supply, voltage fluctuations or power surges.
  6. In order to make a claim under this Warranty, the Buyer must inform the Seller at the earliest possible convenience of any issue or fault. Proof of purchase must be supplied in all cases to validate the Warranty. The Buyer must be honest in their account of the issues, and forthcoming in answering any questions as part of the investigation into the causes of the issues, damages or faults.

  7. In the case of a Warranty claim, Pure Digital will:
    1. Make an appointment to attend the Client’s premises to assess the issue or fault, at the first available time convenient to both parties.
    2. Determine within a reasonable time through dialogue with the Buyer, and a sequence of testing or TV signal measurement, whether a product or part of installation workmanship is at fault. Thus whether it accepts or rejects the Warranty claim.
    3. If the Seller accepts the Warranty claim, the Seller must arrange to rectify the issue in a reasonable time, by way of:
      1. Repairing faulty workmanship or,
      2. Replacing faulty product or
      3. Refunding the purchase.
    4. Should the Warranty claim be rejected, the Buyer shall be liable to pay the Seller a service fee of $129- for the call out, and additional fees for and parts or further works.
  8. Warranty claims regarding digital signal reception are subject to the following conditions:
    1. Specific advice on hardware required to gain a robust reception of digital TV signal, shall be given to the Client by a representative of Pure Digital at time of install. This advice must be taken fully, and all required hardware installed in order to obtain an express "guarantee on digital reception."
    2. In cases where this express “guarantee on digital reception” has been written on your Invoice receipt by Pure Digital, Warranty shall extend to your digital TV reception for the Warranty period of the antenna.
    3. Warranty on digital TV reception shall cover, and be limited to, only parts of the antenna system which have been installed by Pure Digital.
    4. If not ALL hardware advised by Pure Digital has been installed, there is no Warranty cover over digital TV reception.
    5. If a digital TV reception fault is still occurring after all hardware recommended by Pure Digital has been installed, the Seller shall further investigate the possible causes, and offer all reports and information at no charge.
    6. Upon inspection of a warranty claim, should it be found by the Seller that further hardware is necessary to be installed in order to further improve on digital reception, then the Seller shall waive any service call-out fee, and charge only for the parts / hardware required.
    7. In some rare cases, digital signal issues such as “pixelation”, and momentary “drop-out” are caused by signal interference, which can be due to electrical fields within the home or externally, or can be due to signal disturbance (signal noise) from external mechanical sources, or signal blockage from physical constructions. Pure Digital does not Warranty against these occurrences, and can only offer limited options to attempt to overcome these issues.
  9. Pure Digital guarantees to endeavor to offer the highest level of due care and skill when addressing possible Warranty faults, and digital signal issues, and will make every attempt to find a solution for the Client in a timely manner, with utmost respect and courtesy toward our Client.
  10. For the purpose of this Warranty:
    1. Australian Consumer Law means the law as set out in schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)
    2. Consumer (also the Buyer, the Client, the Purchaser) means the purchaser of installations, products or services from the seller.
    3. Seller means Pure Digital.
    4. Warranty means this warranty, set out in clauses 1 through 10.
    5. Product means any product supplied by the seller and purchased by the buyer which falls under this warranty.
    6. Digital signal issues means all signs of poor functioning digital TV reception which includes but is not limited to: pixelation, audio peaking, unsynchronised audio, image freeze or audio freeze, and momentary drop-out.
    7. Warranty period means:
      1. In relation to any TV wall mount bracket installation – 5 years to the buyer.
      2. In relation to all coaxial cabling and connections – 5 years to the buyer.
      3. In relation to all phone and data cabling and connections – 5 years to the buyer.
      4. In relation to audio visual connective cabling (e.g.: HDMI or Optical) – 12 months to the buyer.
      5. In relation to electronic devices (e.g.: Signal Amplifiers or Digital Set Top Boxes/Recorders) – Standard manufacturer’s warranty.
      6. In relation to ANTENNAS with exception of Hills brand – 2 years to the buyer.
      7. In relation to all HILLS brand ANTENNAS – 5 years to the buyer.

    This Warranty is supplied by Pure Digital, Suite6, 663 Newcastle St Leederville WA 6007 Phone: 1800 114 868 Email: contactus@puredigital.net.au