Why you should use a professional antenna installer

We understand the science of how your digital TV signal works in depth. This means we know how locate and diagnose any problems with reception in order to solve them.

Testing is the key

It's essential to test ALL parts of your antenna system, from top to bottom including the antenna, the splitter inside the roof, wall plates, and signal lead to TV. Without this, we couldn't give you a total assurance of quality and we use only the latest in government approved signal testing equipment to do so.

Many of our clients have told us of other installers who have sold them a ‘digital upgrade’ and have only replaced the antenna, without checking the rest of the system below. This is a very common occurrence and also a very good recipe for ongoing reception problems. In most of these cases, reception problems continued and we have been called upon to properly resolve the issues. This is why it is crucial to select your antenna installer carefully.

How do I know I am selecting a professional?

Talk to them first

Talking to the installer is a great way to assess whether they have genuine technical expertise. If they have poor technical language or struggle to explain the reasons behind what they are doing, you should continue looking for an installer who can.

Ask questions

Your installer should be able to explain how your antenna works, what it is made from, and what makes it better than the many other models on the market. Experience should mean they will also have knowledge of many other antenna models on the market which are substandard. They should be able to explain clearly what the design faults and common problems are with other models, not just put them down without valid explanation.

Does the installer use quality brands?

Ask about the brand of antenna, and where it is made. A good installer will know where their product is made and the background of the manufacturing company. If not it is likely they are selling a cheap copy brand which is likely to work at first, but deteriorate quickly. Don’t waste your money on cheap copies or you may find yourself paying twice!

Pure Digital only supplies quality antennas and hardware. Smart technology built to last, in order to be able to give you an absolute quality assurance. We can explain all technology and recommendations to you, in simple language that is easy to understand.